On November 12, 2018, the third meeting of the Northwest node of the Binational Border Health Thematic Network was held in San Diego County, California.
This meeting had the objective of allowing members of the node to draft a proposal of activities for the 2019 work plan of the Network.
It consisted of four main blocks:
1. Reception officiated by Dr. Jesús Eduardo González Fagoaga, Technical Representative of the Network; Dr. María Gudelia Rangel Gómez of the Border Health Commission and Bárbara Jiménez of Health and Human Services, San Diego, County.
2. Collaborative work in the Network, according to the model of the CONACyT Thematic Networks Program; Validation of affiliation certificates according to CONACyT regulations, by Dr. Rogelio Zapata Garibay.
3. Signing of collaboration letters of intent; the Affiliation as the pillar of the Network, signed with the Bajacalifornian Assosiation of Public Health (Sociedad Bajacaliforniana de Salud Pública).
Development of proposed activities for the 2019 work plan, each group submitted a proposal with three activities per area (networking, communication, training of Human Resources and Health Policies).
The following members were present:
• María Gudelia Rangel Gómez
• Rogelio Zapata Garibay
• Jesús Eduardo González Fagoaga
• Cecilia Rosales
• Gill Guernsey de Zapien
• Raquel Muñiz Salazar
• Iliana Castañeda Hernández
• Bárbara Jiménez
• Erika Melissa Machado Peña
• Jesús David Flores Fraga
• Martha Ramírez Zetina
• Alex Castillo López
• Asbeidi Olazarán Gutiérrez
• Emmanuel López Torres

The meeting included a presentation of the matrix of products and goals, the Network’s 2018 work plan, and a presentation of the Network’s progress and work during its four years of existence.