The Binational Border Health Thematic Network (BBHTN) invites its members to participate in the program of short stays, in order to contribute the creation, scientific dissemination and knowledge transfer accrued by the BBHTN. The objective of the stay is to develop collaboration between Network members.

Furthermore, the Network would be on terms to support airfare (roundtrip). The other expenses derived from the stay must be paid with complementary funds.


  1. Be a member of BBHTN.
  2. Request letter, addressed to the receiving institution, signed by the applicant and the Network member who’s postulating.
  3. Acceptance letter by the host researcher and endorsed by the Liaison Department or who corresponds in the receiving Institution, where the dates of the stay are indicated.
  4. Exposure letter, defining the purpose of the stay.
  5. Copy of valid Mexican Passport (stays outside Mexico).
  6. Copy of Visa or valid migratory document that allows the enter to U.S.A legally, (stays outside Mexico)
  7. Proof of Medical Insurance in Mexico or U.S.A. according the case.
  8. Plan or work program from the stay to be made in the receiving institution.

The deadline date to complete the process of the stay is on November 15th, 2018.  The documents to request the travel must be delivered digitally in PDF format with a deadline as of October 16th, 2018.


Send the information to the following e-mail: [email protected]