Binational Collaboration for Healthy Communities in the Sonora-Arizona Border Region, Dr. Eduardo González

On May 11, 2018, at the Universidad del Valle de México, in Nogales, Sonora, Dr. Eduardo González, presented the   Binational Border Health Thematic Network, where he spoke about the composition, plan of action 2015-2018, his achievements and the interaction analysis of Network members; highlights of the publications, courses, degree exams and projects of the research members of the BBHTN.

To conclude with the exhibition, he mentioned the visualizations of the special issue in the Frontiers Magazine, as part of the publications of the Network research members and the fulfillment of the specific objective “Contribute to the generation, scientific dissemination and knowledge transfer”.

In the same conference, new research projects were presented, as well as updates in progress, assisting around 100 students and researchers as participants.

Tracking list and new projects:

  1.  Cardiometabolic Health and Sleep Study in Nogales.
  2. Migration and Mental Health.
  3. Identification of facilitators for the Administration of Antibiotics in the Mexico-US Border Region.
  4. Identification of the Exposure to Pesticides in Agricultural Workers.
  5. Meta Health Diabetes.
  6. Effects of the food system on nutrition. -The case of families of agricultural laborers and indigenous Yaquis in Sonora.
  7. Healthy: Holistic Health Behavior Intervention for Latino Youth – Phoenix and Tucson.
  8. Surface Water Quality Monitoring: Binational Collaboration in the Border Region   Mexico -United States.
  9. Listening Well
  10. Understanding ticks and rickettsia in Arizona and Sonora.
  11. Urban violence, migratory dynamics and consumption of addictive substances in high school students in the Sonora-Arizona border.
  12. Prevalence and risk factors of abdominal obesity in women of reproductive age in Hermosillo, Sonora.

The conference ended with a talk on the collaboration of teachers and students in binational education and the planning of the workshop “Border Health: information by action”.