The second meeting of the Binational Border Health Thematic Network (BBHTN) was held on September 27th  at the Center for Research and Development in Health Sciences of the Universidad Autónoma de Nuevo León (UANL).

The objective of this meeting was to continue with the work of the “Annual Work Program 2018”.

Members from the states of Nuevo León were present: Dora Elia Cortes Hernández, Veronica Velasco Villavicencio, Fuensanta Lopez Rosales, Rosa María Sánchez Casas, Esteban Picazzo Palencia, Zaira lucia Gonzalez Contreras, Jose Luis Jasso; Tamaulipas: Juan Flores Gracia, PhD. Maria de la Luz Vázquez Sauceda, PhD. Ausencio Azuara Domínguez, Rigoberto Lopez Zavala, Flaviano Benavidez Gonzalez, Said Hernandez Contreras, Zeferino Blanco Martinez, Jorge Alva Perez, Yosahandy Peña Avelino, Ivonne Ceballos Olvera; Coahuila: Felipe Javier Uribe Salas and Texas: Genny Carrillo Zuñiga.

The “Binational Research Group on Environmental Health and Asthma” was integrated to the node, integrated by PhD. Rodolfo Posadas Valay, PhD. Med. Rebeca Thelma Martínez Villarreal, PhD. Raúl Gabino Salazar Montalvo, PhD. Genny Carrillo Zuñiga, PhD. Felipe Javier Uribe Sala, PhD. María Elena Acosta Enríquez, MSP. Verónica Velasco Villavicencio.

The list of people who were accepted by the Academic Technical Council of the BBHTN was presented to the members, and the people who still did not receive their acceptance letter were also notified of the procedure they needed to follow to be accepted.

PhD. Dora Elia presented the comparative matrix of indicators and targets of the RTBSF 2015-2018, as well as the analysis of publications of web notes.

PhD. María de la Luz Vazquez Sauceda presented the analysis of the interaction of the members of the network.

Finally, the third and last meeting was scheduled for the upcoming month of November.