UABC students social service support the activities of Migrant Health Booth

Universidad Autonoma de Baja California (UABC) students social service supports the different activities of Migrant Health Booth. The support is canalized on specific areas of translation, graphic design, public politics evaluation, psychology, financial strategies, among others.

One of the products elaborated by graphic design students are informative cards, that joined with the Migrant Health Booth coordination develop the creative concept.

The design of the cards was thought as a visual support of the chronic degenerative illness prevention campaign and to expand the repatriated migrant mental health booth outreach.


These cards are used as health and prevention promotional material, each one focused on illness of greater incidence on Mexico’s north border.

The cards are embodied with basic prevention information and types of test services offered on the booth for these conditions: Diabetes (glucose blood level), overweight and obesity (weight, size and waist circumference registration(IMC), HIV (HIV quick test), and arterial hypertension ( blood pressure test).

3.1-Diabetes 3.2-obesidad

3.4-Presion-arterial 3.3 sida