The Binational Border Health Thematic Network attending the 22nd Science and Technology National Week of the National Council for Science and Technology

The Binational Border Health Thematic Network Attending the 22nd Science and Technology National week of the CONACYT

As part of the activities of the 22nd Science and Technology National Week (which is organized by the CONACYT with the purpose of rousing the interest for the scientific and technologic disciplines in the infant-juvenile audience, in addition of promoting the approach between scientists, proponents, researchers, entrepreneurs, technologists and participating authorities in a setting of respect and cordiality to the new generations,) the program of Thematic Networks was present in the Scientific Research Pavilion, where representatives of the 2015 current Thematic Networks presented activities, topics and particular aspects of this projects to the assisting audience.

On the part of the Binational Border Health Thematic Network, Dr. Rogelio Zapata Garibay, technical representative, and Dr. Jesús Eduardo González Fagoaga, investigating member, were attending. In their presentation, carried on November 12, 2015, were exposed the precedents of this Network, as well its purposes and developments achieved so far. Particularly, the Diagnostic and Monitoring of the Conditions of the Border Health and Vulnerable Population Program was emphasized, which has strengthen the actions made by the México section of the United States – México Border Health Commission, contributing to the health of the Mexican migrants rejected by the American immigration authorities through the Migrant Health Units located in Tijuana, Baja California, and Matamoros, Tamaulipas.