What CPA Firms Need to Know about Outsourcing

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It’s an economical option for firms that need a middle ground between full outsourcing and in-house services. Outsourcing income tax preparation is a powerful way to supplement your 1040 practice. If you’re considering income tax outsourcing, you’ll find the information you need here. We’ll discuss what it is, who needs it, offshore vs. onshore options, and full vs. partial outsourcing. Before hiring a firm to outsource work, I had several options to consider.

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  1. This push is creating a global demand for the most efficient, cost-effective, and high-quality business solutions, a demand that tax return outsourcing services are well-positioned to meet.
  2. With tax return preparation outsourcing, you can add a skilled team of tax preparers to your team quickly and save up to 50% on each tax prepared.
  3. In 2014, new Section 7216 language went into effect that required more explicit disclosure.
  4. Both locations are owned by SurePrep and staffed by SurePrep employees who adhere to the same training requirements and strict security protocols.

If you have a Certified Public Accountant (CPA), we can handle your monthly bookkeeping and then send your financials and tax prep info to your CPA at year-end. Clean and accurate books give your accountant less work to do and, ultimately, save you money. In an effort to avoid that pitfall, many companies fall into another one. They spend hours doing tutorials, chatting with support representatives, or double-checking their numbers.

outsource tax preparation

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outsource tax preparation

Outsourcing your company’s tax return preparation to QX is a straightforward process. Start by visiting the tax outsourcing services section at Here, you can quickly get in touch with a QX expert using the contact information available.

outsource tax preparation

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Every year, CPAs and accounting firms receive hundreds of tax returns to be prepared and filed before it is due. Apart from taking up a lot of time and effort, tax preparation also leads to severe burnout for accountants and takes a toll on their mental health. Sadly, they cannot also turn down such requests as it could affect their business and revenue. Outsourcing is the practice of hiring a third party to handle work that would otherwise be done internally. When outsourcing income tax preparation, your firm flexes the preparation work to an external tax professional, who sends back a fully prepared 1040 return. A good outsourcing service offers a smooth, standardized workflow that makes their preparers feel like an extension of your own staff.

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outsource tax preparation

Any mistakes concerning tax filing can have devastating consequences for your accounting firm. Taxation laws and rates are constantly changing, and we should follow them. Not only will errors and mistakes in tax preparation lead what is a trial balance to a substantial financial loss, but they will also take a toll on your firm’s reputation. Outsourcing tax preparation provides access to competent tax professionals well-versed and updated with the tax & regulatory reforms.

They fail to notice how it all affects their physical and mental health. Outsourcing helps CPA firms strike the perfect professional and personal balance and cope with tax time stress. Having access to additional resources on your side can prevent the internal team from getting overworked. Outsourced tax preparation services will provide complete peace of mind about tax compliance and accurate tax estimation. SurePrep was founded as a tax preparation outsourcing service provider in 2002.

While security is an overriding concern with outsourcing, virtual solutions offer expert data protection regardless of the areas outsourced. Understanding the potential transition risks and mitigation strategies for these different options is a crucial first step in making staffing and process changes to achieve your organization’s goals. The following are some key areas of focus and specific considerations for limiting types of transition risk.

In our situation, we had to prepay a monthly amount over a period of five months. As a result, in the first quarter, because of the prepayment, our labor margins were much higher than a typical year. As expected, our cost of goods sold will start to decrease as the outsourced firm completes about 100 additional returns in the off season. While we have not calculated the full savings yet, we know there will be lower labor costs, even with having a project manager oversee all the tax returns that were outsourced. Firms of all sizes understand the hectic and stressful nature of tax season.

Taxfyle’s domestic outsourcing service augments your firm and creates real-time, quantitative, actionable insights for each return by combining structured data collection and event streams. Our competitive pricing packages are customized to meet your industry’s specific requirements, offering expert financial support that optimizes your budget. Rapidly growing ecommerce and software businesses require scalable accounting systems and workflows. Our skilled professionals specialize in ecommerce, professional services, software and tech-based businesses. We grasp these industries’ unique financial needs and intricacies, along with the necessary tools for success.

They’ll walk you through each step, ensuring your tax preparation needs are seamlessly transitioned and managed by QX’s team of professionals. Take time to do extensive research that implies everything from market study and competitor analysis to zero in on the right outsourcing provider for your CPA firm. Once you finalize your outsourced tax preparation service provider, the next step is to select the candidate from the list of profiles they share. Global outsourcing service providers like QXAS allow you to schedule virtual interviews with their talent pool and choose the right resource to work as an extension of your CPA firm. Tax season can be a nightmarish time even for professional accounting firms, and it only worsens. The hurdles keep piling up from last-minute amendments, getting information and sending reminders to the client, and talent shortage.